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Friday, June 3, 2016

Ginn Academy Class of 2016

One of our favorite times of the year has come and gone, and we are so proud of this class of young men. We'd like to share a few photos to celebrate the Ginn Academy Class of 2016, along with all of their exemplary efforts and successes.

Speaker, Captain Jamal Robinson, Glenville H.S. and U.S. Military Academy at West Point graduate

On May 22, 2016, 59 high school seniors walked across the stage at Cuyahoga Community College's Metro Campus and received their diplomas. This class has earned nearly three million dollars in scholarships. We are proud to say that we have a 93% graduation rate this year, well above the national average.

Coach Ginn straightens every single graduate's gown and sash before the ceremony

Before the ceremony begins, Mr. Ginn leaves the graduates with some final words of wisdom

These students have big plans and will enter the world with further studies at universities throughout the country, apprenticeships for jobs, and military careers. We have done everything possible to send them on prepared to face their next steps.

Ginn Academy Class of 2016

      NAME                            Plan
Bailey, Rajeem                Ohio Technical College
Boggan, DeAngelo          Kent State University
Boyd, Devon                   Wilmington College
Brown, Lloyd                  Cuyahoga Community College
Castro, Tristen                 Kent State University
Clark, Andrew                 Ohio Technical College
Clark, Christian               Alabama State University
Cody, Myles                    Work force
Davis, Jordan                  Walsh University
Davis, Ralph                   Ashland University
Drish, Marcus                 Notre Dame College
Florence, Gregory           Work Force (+Cuyahoga Community College part time)
Freeman, Victor               Military-Army
Gardner, Nazyr                Cuyahoga Community College + OTCO training program
Ginn, Jeffrey                    Fordham University
Gray, Mario                      Cuyahoga Community College
Gregory, Darren               Work training
Hale, Howard                   Youngstown State University
Hall, Isaiah                       Cuyahoga Community College
Hardy, Erikus                   Trade school
Harsley, Darnell               Mercyhurst University
Hauser, Keivon                 Cuyahoga Community College
Haynes, Brandon              Erie Community College
Hillman, Darrien               Academy of Art University San Francisco
Hobbs, Christian               Trade School
Houston, DeAndre             Lake Erie College
Houston, Devontae            Lake Erie College
Jones, Steven                     Bowling Green State University
Jones-Washington, Tallis   Hiram College          
Kilgo, Bryant                     Garden City Community College            
Killebrew, Jwan                  Cleveland State University
Lyns, De’vonte                   Cuyahoga Community College
May, Juan                           Work force
Moore, Maceo                    University of Akron
Murry, Johnnie                    Hiram College
Naylor, Rickey                    Hiram College
Pennington, Siraj                Work Force
Perkins, Divonair                Cuyahoga Community College
Pollard, Demario                  Cuyahoga Community College
Pope, Aaron                        Alabama State University
Reed, Rashee                      Eastern Michigan University
Reynolds, Raphael               Muskingum University
Robinson, Benjamin            South Carolina State University
Royster, Kenneth                 Walsh University
Russell, Diamond                Garden City Community College
Sarjeant, Joseph                  Cleveland Institute of Art
Sessions, Alonzo                 Cuyahoga Community College
Small, Ju’Shaun                  Garden City Community College
Spates, Kelvin                     University of Akron      
Switzer, Marcel                   Military - Army
Thomas, Shaun                    Garden City Community College
Thornton,  Darsellis             Cuyahoga Community College
Waleed, Jahlil                       Cuyahoga Community College
Walker, Anthony                  Ohio State University Mansfield
Warner, Christian                 Work force
Wells, Keith                         Work internship
Wiley, Anthony                    Work force
Wilson, Demann                  United States Military Academy-West Point             
Wilson, Deshaun                  Kent State University
Wilson, Shaundel                 Walsh University
Wright, Jordan                      Cuyahoga Community College
Wright, Naquan                    Wright State University (? YSU/Lake Erie)   
Stats – 50% attending 4-year schools, 30% attending 2-year schools, 3% will go to trade schools, 3% are entering the military, and 13% will join the work force.    

Valedictorian, Howard Hale

Ginn Academy Principal, Nicholas Petty

Three GA alumni, all now in college

Valedictorian, Howard Hale, with Life Coach and soon to be teacher, James Gordon

Congratulations, Class of 2016! We know you will all contribute to positive change in our world and we are happy to have you working along side us, near and far, to continue our mission of scholarship, leadership, and service to all mankind. We love you all and look forward to hearing from you soon!

The Ginn Academy Class of 2016
And to our supporters, thank you for your interest and for all of the ways that you contribute to our school. Here's to the Class of 2016 and the young men coming up next!

Kindest regards from all of us at The Ginn Academy...