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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Glenville Tarblooders Act as Stand-Ins for the Cleveland Browns

Just before the Browns opened their season this year, they asked the Glenville Tarblooders football team to help them to test out their brand-new huge video screens at First Energy Stadium. The Browns organization, like every other NFL team, may face scrutiny from sports fans on a daily basis for their plays on the field, but they are absolutely beyond reproach when it comes to contributing to their community.

Though they certainly could've come up with an easier plan, the Browns transported 100 kids and a handful of coaches across the city to the stadium one Thursday evening and let them take over the field and pretend that they were an NFL team.

The boys got to fill the tunnels and run through the smoke onto the field, fists pumping, jumping three feet into the air. Pure joy for these energetic teenagers! Names of Browns players were announced to the huge echoing stadium as each one took his turn. Smiles and laughter everywhere.

Ever grateful for the Browns organization's generosity and kindness, we will remember this night for a long time. The boys and the adults had such fun! And if you haven't yet been to First Energy Stadium for a Browns game, you must see the new video screens! They're a gorgeous addition to the facility.

Go Browns, go 'Ville, and go Ginn Academy Dolphins!