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Friday, August 8, 2014

Ginn Academy Loves the Cleveland Browns!!

Cleveland Browns safety and former Glenville Tarblooder, Donte Whitner, with Ginn Academy students

Our school is lucky beyond belief to be one of the recipients of the efforts of the very generous Cleveland Browns Foundation. When the team's owners, Dee and Jimmy Haslam, took over in 2012, they immediately began to identify how they wanted to engage with their new community and learned about us from one of our supporters. We are just one of the many groups supported by the Browns Foundation and we are certainly thrilled to be part of their team.

Cleveland Browns safety and former Glenville Tarblooder, Donte Whitner, with Ginn Academy students

Cleveland Browns linebacker, Jabaal Sheard; Ginn Academy security guard, Officer Albert; Houston Texans linebacker, Quentin Groves; and Browns safety, Donte Whitner

A few months ago, three of the players visited Ginn Academy to talk to our students about the importance of following your dream, no matter how bumpy the journey. They also talked with their rapt audience about integrity, character, and leadership, using many engaging examples from their own lives.

Sixteen men serve as Life Coaches to the Ginn students. The Life Coaches are the link between home and school; part of the glue that holds everything together. Each Life Coach is responsible for supporting a cohort of 25 students in the areas of attendance, academics, and social behavior. On call 24/7, 365 days per year, they serve as advocates and mentors for the boys.

Ginn Academy staff with Cleveland Browns players

Quentin Groves, Jabaal Sheard, and Donte Whitner enter Ginn Academy's gymnasium to speak with students

Browns safety Donte Whitner takes a photo with Ginn Academy students

Browns players meet with Coach Ted Ginn, Sr. and Ginn Academy life coaches before meeting with students

Cleveland Browns linebackers, Quentin Groves (currently with the Houston Texans), and Jabaal Sheard preparing to talk with Ginn Academy students

Cleveland Browns safety, Donte Whitner, talks with Ginn Academy students

 Our new and current staff members got acquainted at one of the Browns' training camps in Berea this month. What a great way to kick off the school year in Cleveland!

Ginn Academy staff at the Browns Training  Camp in Berea
Browns safety, Donte Whitner, and his lovely grandmother, Stella, who came to training camp to see him
Browns safety, Donte Whitner, signs autographs with his grandmother, Stella at Browns training camp

Cleveland Browns safety, Donte Whitner, with Coach Ted Ginn, Sr.

Cleveland Browns safety, Donte Whitner, with a group of generous and awesome Ginn Academy supporters

King James is a Browns fan!

Principal Nick Petty, the amazing Dee Haslam, Coach Ted Ginn, Sr., and Assistant to the Director, Hazel Parker
The Ginn Academy sincerely thanks the Cleveland Browns Foundation and the Cleveland Browns for their continued support of the Life Coaches and our students. We could not make it happen without their amazing support.

And thank you to all of you who read our blog and cheer us on!

Here's to a school year full of hard work, teamwork, progress, and of course -- scholarship, leadership, and service.

Kind regards from everyone at Ginn Academy...