The Ginn Academy, founded in 2007 by Ted Ginn, Sr., is the only all-male public high school in Ohio. Come in and see what goes on inside the hearts and minds of 655 E. 162nd Street each day. Let us tell you our stories. Photos and text not to be used without permission.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chalkboard Portrait: Xavier, Class of 2010

One of the projects available to eligible Seniors is the Chalkboard Portrait project. To qualify for this, the boys must meet academic and attendance criteria and they must be recommended by a teacher.

The Chalkboard Portraits began as a way to get to know the individual spirits behind the identical uniforms, and have evolved into a study in reflection as the boys near the end of their high school careers and the beginning of the rest of their lives. They are presented with a list of questions designed to get them thinking deeply about what is important to them, who supports them in their endeavors, and where they're headed in life.

One of GA's top graduates from The Ginn Academy's first graduating class of 2010, Xavier, is shown here. You can click on the photo to enlarge it and read his story, which he told just before he graduated and left for Morehouse College in Atlanta.